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a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving. from nbc news, in the this "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. we are on a countdown, everybody, to the end of the year. it's thirsty thursday, december 27th. this year is flying. >> it certainly is. can you believe new year's is knocking on the door? >> i'm not ready for it. i just got used to writing 2012 on my checks, you know? >> so you guys have seen those awkward -- those things they do
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of people in awkward situations. first world problems and those things on youtube. you guys have seen thousands? now they do a new one and it's an awkward situation problem. this is by scooter mcgruder. >> you've got to love a guy named scooter mcgruder. let's watch how he summed up these awkward situations. >> top 100 that awkward moment when. mom recommends when someone holds a hug too long. when your sister walks in during a sex scene in a movie or dad. when you you feel something crawling on you. when someone recognizes you but you don't recognize them. >> do i know you? >> when you can't recognize your own handwriting. you can't remember what happened in real life or a dream. when you don't remember if you put on deodorant. when you're left with someone you just met. when you ask someone how pregnant they are. >> i'm not pregnant. >> and they're not pregnant. you're day dreaming and you
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realize someone has been looking at you all the time. when you say thank you and you tell a story and no one gets it. when you you look at someone in the car next to you, but they're already staring at you. an awkward moment when your ex-girlfriend calls you in front of your current girlfriend. >> those are funny. good for him. i love the one where you're driving along and you look at them and they're already looking at you. >> those are good. the pregnant one is terrible. that's an awful thing. >> my mother did it the other day. >> what happened? >> we were sitting there. there was a darling girl, and my mother goes having a little trouble losing the baby weight? >> no, no, no. >> the baby is four. >> oh. >> four years old. >> oh, no. >> she handled it so well. she was so loving, and my mother
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is completely clueless. >> the one about the daydreaming and staring at someone. >> you do that, hoda. >> when you look and you realize i wasn't really looking at you. my eyes were in that direction. >> all right. say you've been out of work and you're finally getting that job interview you want. we're going to try to help you guys. maybe you can re-evaluate what you're doing and find a great new job. >> a department store in britain commissioned people and they were asking them what are the things you look at. what kind of problems do you walk in that people recognize and get the job. number one is chipped nail polish. it makes you seem unprepared. >> and sloppy. >> yes. >> a deep summer tan makes you look like you're ready to jump ship already and head to the beach. you already want to know how many days you're going to have off. case in point. >> smudged mascara, which says hello, party girl. >> up all night making out.
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>> severe makeup means you're overconfident. >> severe makeup is not overconfident. to me that seems insecure. you wear so much because you, you know, you are insecure. i don't know. you can't win. makeup too perfect, you're too eager to get promoted. >> i think people with crazy perfect everything, it bugs me. lipstick on the teeth means you're sloppy or careless. >> no it doesn't. it happens. >> because it happens. you're not looking at yourself. >> it means you aren't looking at at yourself to see what's going on with your face. it means you don't have many friends because no one has told you. >> no one wants to hire a friendless person. it's sad. who is the winner? just enough makeup to make you look natural. >> what if you don't look well or good natural? >> i do think a lot of people do show up for job interviews and sometimes they don't dress the
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right way. if you don't know what to wear to a job interview at a certain place, you should -- a lot of people google whoever the top people are at that place and and look to see what do they wear when they go to work. >> it depends on the job you're getting. if you're looking for a job at hooters you dress differently than if you go to work for the red cross. >> i think you're correct. >> okay. >> think it through, hoda. how many years have we been together? if you want to get ahead in business and sometimes this isn't simple, how do you get ahead? sometimes for women it's weird. i think men have a great way of ring their own bell, talking about how great they are and they get promoted and it's annoying. a woman is working hard and waiting to get noticed, and thinking i don't need to wave my arms around. can't they see me? i'm doing it. for some reason she gets passed over and he gets promoted. we've seen it and we think
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that's the most obvious thing in the world. >> what should we do about it? >> they're saying we should be more playful. >> that makes you look like you're frivolous. >> look, with more female bosses, too, i think this playful, flirty thing doesn't work. obviously, it doesn't work. with men it does work most of the time. >> there's a big difference between flirty and being charming. >> yeah, yeah. >> with flirting there's a sexual connotation it seems to me. charming goes a long way. >> yeah. >> look how charming i am with jerry. jerry and i have nothing going on, but we're charming to one another. >> allegedly. nobody really knows what's going on. there is an element of when you can step over the line when you're being charming even if it's just when you bat your eyes. they may take it another way. >> you try to be as much as possible the person you really are and work on being a person that other people want to be with. nobody wants to be with a debbie
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downer and whiner all the time. no one wants paula perfection. be someone that that person would be fun to hang out with all day. >> i think you're right. >> flirting combines both they say, being friendly and warm and approachable. you know what i mean? >> so some people think their bosses can't stand them. >> and sometimes they're right. >> and sometimes they're right. they say your boss's smile may tell a lot about it. sometimes they say if your boss according to this survey or study from the university of california, they say if your boss is not smiling at you according to this study that he or she is intimidated by you. >> maybe they have gas and they're not feeling too good. they've eaten too much over the holidays. they're afraid to smile because something might happen. you know that feeling. >> no, i don't. okay. anyway, i don't think that's because -- >> i think people smile when
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they want to. >> yes. >> and they frown when they want to. nobody is thinking about it. i don't like you, so i'm not going to smile. it comes out. what have we come to in this world where tax dollars go to these kinds of studies. >> i think we should start drinking heavily right now. >> a study of the college of london school of economics, this is going to shock you. >> what is it? >> happy teens become adults with higher salaries. really? >> listen to this window. >> between 16 and 18 when a lot of kids are crabbing and grumpy and hate everybody, if you're happy during those two years -- >> clap your hands. >> they say you make a 10% higher income by the time you're 30. ♪ if you're happy and you know it clap your hands ♪ >> why? because happier people like hoda are more optimistic doggone it and have a higher chance of getting a university education. >> if you have a choice of being optimistic or not, you might as well be optimistic. you only have two choices.
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>> it seems like naturally certain people see this one-third full. >> which isn't enough. >> some would say that's two-thirds empty, doggone it, and that's just not right. you know what i'm saying? be grateful for what we have. >> i have a song for you i think you'll like. is this thirsty thursday. it is. since christmas is over, remember paul sikes the guy i love. >> yes, i like him. he wrote a song called "i already miss christmas." the kids are gone and the stockings are down, and this is a song that he wrote for this time. let's listen to this song i already miss christmas really loud please. ♪ there's wrapping paper on the floor ♪ ♪ the stockings aren't hanging anymore ♪
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♪ if santa came by here yesterday ♪ why does he feel so far away ♪ ♪ i already already already miss christmas ♪ >> that's sweet. i never feel that way. ♪ just a couple cookies in the jar ♪ the snowman is melting in the yard ♪ ♪ my whole family just left town ♪ ♪ i got used to having them be around ♪ ♪ oh i already already already miss christmas ♪ >> isn't that pretty? >> yes. >> i like him. >> he's a great great writer.
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>> go to itunes and download it. >> he's talented. >> once in a while, hoda, you have great taste. i have a facebook fan asking for advice from you -- >> from both of us. >> for the longest time. she wrote in to say her son is getting married. >> linda jeffries is getting married. she has to choose the song that they dance to at his wedding. the mother-son dance. it seems his fiancee chose the song linda wanted, and now she's at a loss. she asked us what might be nice for a mother and son. i think i picked this. ♪ i can fly higher than an eagle ♪ ♪ you are the wind beneath my wings ♪ >> i love that song. >> hoda's pick. >> i picked an old louie armstrong classic. how could you not want to dance to this one? ♪ i see trees of green
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♪ red roses too ♪ i see them bloom ♪ for me and you >> this song makes me cry. i've sung it a thousand times. i love it. >> guys, they're already out of makeup chairs and ready for the big close-up. >> the dazzling results of today's ambush makeovers right after this. have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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[ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook. time for the plaza ambush makeovers with two lucky ladies are surprised with a hot new look. >> working their magic as always, >> "today" contributor and stylist to the stars louis lacari. he's in cam mowed camo today b the way. and jill martin, how was it out there in the crowd? >> it was a great crowd, and we found two really pretty ladies. this is not so much of an ambush makeover but a glam makeover.
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>> in time for new year's eve, right? >> we have a lucky lady named jacqueline from rhode island. her dailey beauty routine consists of wearing no makeup and throwing her hair up in a ponytail. she was thrilled to get a glam new look. take a listen. >> we're not going to talk about the fact that your roots are three different colors. let's drop that. more importantly, let's look at this jacket. you lost 80 pounds? >> yes, i did. >> congratulations. it's obvious why you want this. >> clearly i need help. >> i'm going to trade in this huge jacket because this does not fit for a hot little number. i know you're shocked. what do you think? >> i'm very shocked but looking forward to it. >> jacqueline is ready and so is her girlfriend sue. sue's got her blindfold on. if you wouldn't mind keeping your blindfold on until i let you know. >> she's terrified. >> it's going to be all right. here is jacqueline before. all right. jacqueline, let's see the new
2:21 am
you. >> my goodness. >> beautiful. >> wow. >> take off your blindfold, honey. >> oh, my gosh. >> you ready, jacqueline? you want to see yourself? spin right around right here. >> it's really you. >> beautiful! >> oh, gosh. >> look right here, sweetie, look right there for us. louis, tell us about the hair. >> we just said about the color it's right on. pick a color. she had three colors, one color at the root and this bright red band and her hair was excessively dark at the ends. i evened out the color and the important thing it shoe looked like it was grown from your own head. she is irish by the way. >> she's natural. >> what do you think of the friend's new look? >> i love the color. i think it looks great. it's awesome.
2:22 am
>> tell us about her outfit with the cool leather. >> we had a good time because she lost 80 pounds. didn't know her size and what fits. this was a fun session for us. we gave her a great dress from macy's and that's an amazing leather jacket that fits perfectly. and it's a medium and we were so excited. >> sheena deering is 28 from youngstown, new york. being a mother of two and a nurse, she told us she wears scrubs or pajamas. she begged us to give her a brand-new style. let's hear her story. >> can you believe this family? we saw you in the crowd with abby's bottle hanging from her mouth. it's obvious why you deserve a makeover. but i know you have a special request for louis. >> change the hair. it's getting too long and curly and weighs down on the top. >> you hear her complaining you told me. it's all about being straight. >> constantly not being able to straighten it.
2:23 am
. we're going to do that. are you ready for a break for three hours? i'll take abby. >> absolutely. >> what a beautiful family. >> sheena is here with her husband matt and their kids andrew and abby. they're going to close their eyes because they're little. big surprise. close your eyes. >> look at sheena before and bring out the new sheena deering. >> wow! >> they're already looking. what do you think, matt? >> it's amazing. >> turn around, sheena, and take a look. you're beautiful. >> oh, my god. i love it! >> i love that look. >> you can see the difference. look in that camera, honey. right there. yeah. all righty, louis. tons of difference. >> this goes to show what just a little bit of effort can do. of course, a great haircut. we cut her hair off. she was so ready to get rid of her long, curly hair.
2:24 am
this is more wash and wear, curly or straight by the way, which is very important for most people. i made her deeper in the back and added highlights in the front. notice the importance of the lift. this is good fashion accessories of the season. >> dad, what do you think? >> just beautiful. >> jill, tell us about her sparkly beautiful outfit. >> new year's eve. it goes perfectly with a tissue and glass of champagne, because for her new year's celebration a beautiful dress from donna morgan. it mixes and matches materials perfectly. if you don't mind, i'm going to take abby home. >> let's bring jacqueline back out. >> you both look really great. >> have a happy new year, ladies. we have a lot more ahead on "today," but first, these messages. [ male announcer ] playing in the nfl is tough.
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waiter: here's your check. oh! you--you got it. you know, since i got rid of my car, i really enjoy walking. ok. got it? no, i'm good. announcer: getting pulled over for buzzed driving could cost you around $10,000 in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates. oh, you're home early. you live with your mom? announcer: that'll set your game back a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving.
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here's sara haines with questions from our fans. >> one of our fans from florida wants to know if you have a new year's resolution. >> i do the same one every year and it never happens. i want to get organized and clean my purse and closets and clean. i'll do that one again in 2013 and 2014. what's yours? >> i've lived so long i learned not to make them. because i think you set yourself up for disaster. i just want to maintain everything i already got. you know what i'm saying? maintain relationships and maintain weight and maintain sanity, maintain good health and everything for the future. i think, you know, setting yourself up for -- it's better to do it day by day. get a fresh cup of mercy one day at a time. instead of all year-round one day at a time. >> thank you, sara. >> how to bring in the new year
2:30 am
with the right decorations for the big party. we love super jenny. makes thinkically that will warm your heart. >> and put that phone down and pay attention, sara. we're doing the dangers of texting and driving after your local news.
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2:32 am
oh, it's so great to hear that song again. we're back on this thirsty thursday. parenting is the toughest job you'll ever love, and parents can feel like they are floundering. >> here to help you are today's mom contributor and author of "if i have to tell you you one more time "amy mccreedy and child behavior specialist jennifer hartzig. >> we keep talking about this subject, but no one is learning. there's all kinds of research
2:33 am
about it, but people make the same mistakes over and over. what are the biggest mistakes parents make? >> where do we start? >> we only have a few minutes. one of the biggest ones is using one size fits all strategy like time-out and counting one, two, three for misbehavior. they may work in the short term but they really don't teach kids how to make better choices. >> the fact is punishment doesn't teach you new behavior. it teaches ways to avoid bad behavior. if you're doing these things, teach what can you do differently next time. >> there are ways parents parent now that they didn't back when they were younger. when kids have meltdowns, choose your words and tell me what you want. parents said stop whining and we're going home. that was the end of the conversation. which is the better method? >> you have to find a balance of the two. for some kids you need to say what's going on right now. you need to validate their emotions in the moment, and we don't always do that. kids don't know how to express emotion, experience emotion, deal with emotion.
2:34 am
we also need to set a limit and keep that limit. if you say you do that one more time, we're going home, you need to take them and go home. >> you have to follow-through. >> they don't follow-through. >> it seems to me the biggest mistake i see people making is when they make their children the center of the universe so the kid thinks they're the center of the universe. we're just one of many on this planet, and if you're told that the sun rises and sets on you, you expect everybody else to feel that way about you, too. . that's a big parenting mistake, too. being afraid to let your kids experience disappointment or discomfort, but that's absolutely necessary. they can't be the center of the universe all the time and they have to go through the difficult periods to learn the resilience and skills to get through life. >> doing that not just through when they're young or adolescence. some are working and trying to help their kids get internships. >> so they're never disappointed. >> they never fall down. they never learn how to -- that's not the real world.
2:35 am
they don't learn resilience and problem-solving strategies because someone jumps in for them. that's the failure to thrive part of the generation. >> my dad said i love you too much to deny you the privilege of making mistakes. >> isn't that cool? >> do you think you can unring the bell? let's say your child is 8 or 9 and you don't want them to fall. can you unring the bell and change things? >> absolutely. >> it's harder. >> it's totally harder, but you can change behavior at any age. you have to let them know you're changing the rules so they know what to expect. then they're going to push it and push it and have all these behavioral yal bursts and you have it to stay on point and keep working. >> part of the problem in a two-parent family, both parents have a different approach to the kids and the kids learn early on how to work that system and work the parents against one another. shouldn't parents have this discussion before hand we're going to be together on this? we're doing the best for little johnny or little johnny is going around one of us.
2:36 am
>> we can be consistent. >> figure out what's not working. >> if things are not going well, figure out what's not working and make changes little by little. it's never too late to unring that bell, but be consistent and walking that balance of kindness and firmness is so important. >> that's what you love, the discipline. >> ladies, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> get ready to party. >> we're going to show you all the things you need to start the new year right. first, these messages. i played a round of in the last five hours? then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours.
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but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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do you want to end 2012 with a bang? throws an luxe new year's eve bash can be a snap and affordable. >> here on a fresh take on what to serve, set and wish for in 2013 is amy e. goodman. >> how are you? >> i'm really well. >> you're making a unique party? >> yes, you can do it last-minute.
2:41 am
i planned this party in a day. using things around the house and creative ideas including our metallic sparkler. i love to make a grand entrance when the guests arrive. i made it out of scrapbooking paper and gold thread from michael's. it didn't really take me that long. as i hung it up, my husband said are we having a party? that's the feeling you want to give your guests? >> is he happy about it? >> my husband wouldn't be too thrilled? >> when is it? >> new year's eve, i love games. byob or bring your own bubbly. have each guest bring a different bottle of champagne. do a taste today and beautiful gift tags from the container store. put it on your favorite bottle and the one with the most tags wins. fresh ways to serve your champagne. i love this mirror tile is something you hang on a wall, but i use it as a tray and alternating your champagne flutes from the tall one from crate and barrel and short ones from cv2. have lots of ice containers on
2:42 am
the table so you don't go back and forth between the kitchen. >> depending on how many guests you have, that will be gone in a short time anyway. >> dot them throughout your party. these are beautiful spritzers. all the recipes from my today. nice and refreshing to have a signature cocktail. the bubbly on the wall. it's a simple balloon. >> it would be unfriendly if we didn't taste. >> so as you know on new year's we make resolutions and this is a wishing tree. write down your resolution on a piece of paper and hang it on the tree. you can be reserved and fold it up or leave it out hanging. when your friends see your resolutions, you have to stick by them. >> try harder. >> you try very hard, hoda. >> here's one from you. maintain. >> that's a nice prayer request, too, if you had people into that. they open it up and take that with them and they pray for that for you for a week or so. wouldn't that be nice? >> that's a wonderful idea.
2:43 am
>> i thought of it. >> yes, you did right now. >> for your table decor, the centerpiece is untraditional. this is mercury glass pieces, one of the hottest trends in home decor. >> it's a huge trend, isn't it? >> it's retro and art deco. >> it's so shiny and brings light to the table. >> old hollywood glamour. from pottery barn here. they give 50% of the proceeds to st. jude's children's research hospital, which is fabulous. all these pieces are here, and those are safe. if you have kids attending the party, maybe it's for adults. also from kohl's they have lots of pieces. mercury glass and has lots of pieces. if you have a formal sit-down, these are wonderful place holder from and from bloomingdale's these are reuseable plates. this is seasonal throughout. wonderful heavy appetizers. the beef tenderloin with
2:44 am
wonderful hollandaise sauce with mustard. and endive. they kind of balance it out. cupcakes from magnolia. they're incomparable. you can make them yourself, of course. they say happy new year's. the banner from front of the table is from it says all the auld lang syen. you can make the center to anything you want to say. cheers as friends or happy new year, and it's a really gorgeous thing from last from tweak in los angeles, a wonderful gift store. this is a book of fortunes. a year of fortunes like chinese fortune cookies with little tear out straps. everybody loves these coffee cups. >> they're so cute. >> thank you, amy e. >> keep your eyes on the road. >> the dangers of texting and driving right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast. we're watching a system that's going to start to take shape
2:45 am
here in the southeast and then eventually it will work through the northeast, bringing another shot at seeing some snow for the big cities. from philadelphia to new york and even up to boston. not a ton of snow but it could cause travel delays on saturdto it's going to be wet on the fringes. another system from the great lakes could bring more snow throughout parts of the midwest. including chicago. maybe have an inch in chicago. high only 34 degrees. still relatively mild in the immediate gulf coast but much colder in the northeast. here comes that low on saturday. it's going to zip right across. it's just going to last saturday. going to swing through saturday, then by sunday night and into early sunday it should be gone and just some lingering effects because of that. as far as the temperatures go on saturday, barely getting above the freezing mark in new york. 34, 33 in boston we're going to watch that low. sunday it's gone. the big cities in the northeast
2:46 am
still cold, maybe some lingering snow. in the inland locations but not for the big cities. you will notice temperatures cooler, staying below the freezing mark for places like new york and boston. also chicago staying below the freezing mark. also minneapolis 27 degrees. another system developing on monday in the southwest. snow to the north, rain ahead of it. and that low moves across the south into the southeast here with temperatures into the lower 50s. ahead of it, behind in dallas you're going to be into the 40s. that's going to be it for your daytime highs on tuesday. of wednesday lingering showers from corpus christi over to houston, new orleans, on up into atlanta, savannah, south to north carolina. remember you can get the latest weather information when you wake up with al and stephanie weekdays on the weather channel. ♪ ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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according to the national safety council more than 100,000
2:49 am
times a year people are injured and die due to texting and driving. >> at&t launched an it can wait campaign for this problem. charlene lake is at&t's chief sustainability officer. charlene, how are you? >> nice to see you. this is increasingly a problem difficult to control, isn't it? >> it certainly has. we all love our cell phones but we have to use them responsibly. and we've been talking to our customers about this for a couple of years. we decided this fall to launch a national campaign to put an end to texting while driving. the saddest part about 100,000 deaths is -- >> avoidable. >> absolutely avoidable. >> it's one thing to put yourself at risk, it's another thing to put innocent people at risk as well. >> a lot of times you get a text while driving and you think if i hit reply real quick and say something back. there is an app out there that you provide and other carriers do, too. >> there's a lot of great apps on the market. we developed an app in drive mode. we have free downloads on website. it was an idea of an employee
2:50 am
who tragically lost a friend in a driving accident. it works to send an automatic reply back when someone sends you a text. they know you're driving, and you don't have to worry about replying right away. >> you're in the car and it says i'm driving? i'll get to you as soon as i can? >> great. >> absolutely. >> can you show us how it works? >> seeing is believing sometimes, even though it's 20 times more dangerous, 23 times more dangerous to text. >> before we get started, this is like your windshield right here, this laptop. you have the steering wheel and gas pedal. >> here's your iphone. >> that's called an iphone. >> very funny. >> once you press the gas pedal, start heading down the road. in about 15 seconds you're going to get a text. when you get that text, i want you to try to respond to that text and still follow the law. the law and not the text. >> you're going too fast, kathie lee. >> we have one online. so anybody can go.
2:51 am
>> i'm having trouble driving without texting. >> slow down. >> keep driving. >> keep driving, and you get a ticket. you're holding up traffic. oh, my gosh. >> and you -- there you go. i just killed somebody. first of all, i don't know how to work this thing. >> you just crashed. >> what did i do? >> nothing. >> you can still go. you're still loading. >> hoda, you you don't have your hands on your -- >> what? what are you talking about? >> it's dangerous. >> i'm going. i'm responding. >> here's my text that finally came through. >> all you need is a laptop. >> i'm in the hospital recuperating so i can read it. mom, hey, when will you be home? >> that's part of the problem. >> now you are ready to go again. >> you have to. i'm going 37 miles per hour. >> you know what? you're right, though. >> you're breaking the speed limit.
2:52 am
>> oh, i know justin. >> speed limit is 30. you're doing good. >> what happened? i rear-ended somebody. >> i get it. >> oh, my god. can i say something? >> this is easier than what it is on the real roads because you don't have the weather conditions and you don't have people running in front of you. >> you're right, it's a whole different thing. let's watch kathie lee crash one more time. >> i can't. i don't have a keyboard. just went through a red light. >> okay, good-bye. we're having fun with it, but we get it. >> we're hoping people will go on to take the pledge to not text and drive. >> what should we do if we're driving safely and see somebody else texting while we're driving. we should have a universal signal to them. >> i think you know what that is. you know exactly what that is. >> you guys come up with that. >> i think someone already has. >> you can try out the simulator at home, too. for more information go to
2:53 am
the heat is on. warm up with chili three different ways. first this is "today" on nbc. 2@
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
now in "today's" holiday kitchen, chili three different ways. it's been called the ultimate cold weather comfort food. here to make these wonderful meals is jenny left inson.
2:57 am
>> hello. >> jenny. >> i missed you. thank you. >> what are we making this time? >> we have great one-pot meals for this winter fabulous weather today. we're starting with my newest. it's a pumpkin and black lentil chili. >> never would have thought to do it. ? vegetarian-vegan awesome option. we started with sauteed onions and garlic. after you saute it down, you have to dump it in. >> this is a squash that is great to use because you don't have to peel it. i put some yellow squash and zucchini and i put it in the pot and we have black lentil. double the protein. fabulous for you. we have some pureed pumpkin. this not pie pumpkin. this is unsweetened pumpkin puree'. then we're going to put a little tomato action. and then because we don't want any segment to be without booze, we have beer. >> okay. >> you need to have a sip of one? >> no. >> only when i start to twitch.
2:58 am
>> then we let that all cook up. put the lid on and cook it for 45 minutes to an hour. look at this fabulous chili. >> is that the same thing? >> it's the same thing all cooked down. >> taste it klg. >> that's all right. we're used to that here. >> a nice spoon, too. >> aye drink the beer while you guys -- >> it's a really good, light, one-pot meal option. >> hot but good. >> hot. >> i think that happened last time i was here. >> hot. >> that was my ultimate plan anyway. >> good job. >> the next one is another pork loin chili. if you want something meatier, we started with onions, garlic, peppers and put our herbs in. we've got chili pepper, cayenne, cumin and brown sugar. my secret ingredient. i browned the pork loin and took the lean cut and browned it and
2:59 am
took it back out. and we're going to add it back in and let it simmer a little bit. if you want to help me dump in everything, that is a little bit of honey. >> honey, wow. >> so we've got honey, we've got tomato. >> kidney beans. >> kidney beans and black beans. >> and tomato. dump that in? >> this is great without the booze. we have some bourbon and some coffee. >> both? >> it will put you to sleep and wake you up. >> again, we let that simmer. you turn it up and let it simmer. >> that becomes this. >> unbelievable. this is a fabulous pork chili. >> sara, you want a little bit of that, honey. >> i will eat anything. >> i like it with a little bit of topping. a little sour cream. we won't put the jalapeno on it. let me grab a couple spoons. >> there you go. >> okay. >> that's delicious. >> what do we have tomorrow? >> we'll recap some of the best and funniest moments.

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